Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. (Philippians 4:4 KJV)

Ministries & Ministry Opportunities

Deacons Ministry (Encouragement & Empowerment)

The Deacons assist the pastor in the administration of the ordinances, strengthen the hand of the pastor in his labors, and in concert with him, exercise a general watch care of the spiritual interest of the church. Deacons must meet the qualifications set forth in I Timothy. They serve the Lord’s Supper, assist baptismal candidates, visit the sick and shut- ins of the church and serve as Tribe Leaders. They lay a foundation for a ministry that focuses on the will of God and the needs of others.

Deaconess Ministry (Encouragement & Empowerment)

The Deaconess consists of women elected and approved by the Church body that were called to foster spiritual growth and to provide faithful support to the pastor, the deacons and the congregation.

Trustees (Empowerment)

Trustees hold in trust all property belonging to the church and take measures for the protection and management of the same. They serve on the Parking Team and coordinate the Transportation Ministry. Trustees are responsible for external and internal security. They are elected and approved by the Church.

Beautification (Desecrating)

This ministry provides flowers, natural plants and maintains the decor in the Sanctuary and entrance areas. They are responsible for decoration for all events and special occasions.


The Missionary Ministry oversees the mission’s activities of the church and coordinates mission endeavors, which include providing financial assistance with food, clothing, shelter, utilities and medicine.

Bereavement (Education & Encouragement)

Bereavement Ministry seeks to be a source of encouragement and support to those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. This ministry has five components to include: Crisis Team, Visitation Team, Nurturing Team, Follow-up Team, and Grief Recovery.

Christian Education/ ETCI (Education)

The Christian Education Ministry is a growing area of our church, which seeks to combat biblical ignorance through the in-depth study of God’s word. The goal of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide an educational outlet to the church ministries by planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive Christian education program that will train leaders to work in God’s ministries.
The focus areas of this ministry are: Sunday School, Noon-Day Bible Study, Word on Wednesday, Vacation Bible School, ETCI Small Group Classes, Straight Talk Men’s Bible Study, Tribe Called Quest Young Adult Bible Study, HOPE at Galilee Afterschool, Summer Enrichment.

Video Team Multimedia Ministry

The purpose of this team is to enhance the ministry of our church through multimedia. The Ministry creates, designs, and displays our presentations during the services and for various special events. Multimedia includes the use of sound, video, and interactive visual displays to enhance our church’s ministry goals.
Spiritual Gifts: Serving

Moderator (Enjoyment & Encouragement)

Greeters welcome church members and visitors as they enter the Church. They provide direction to various sites in the Church. This ministry is composed of new members only whose service provides preparation for joining other ministries.
The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to offer the love of Christ to our guests and welcome them in such a way that they would be transform from strangers into friends.
Spiritual Gifts: Service, Hospitality

Men (Education, Encouragement and Empowerment)

The Men’s Ministry is comprised of all men in the Church. They seek to adhere to the mission of the church by reaching out to males in the congregation and community to grow as disciples and to spread the love of God through fellowship, Most of all they strive to strengthen men in their faith and glorify God through worship.

Nursey (Education)

Nursery workers supervise infants and pre-toddlers during the regular services of the church and some activities and programs. Children cannot receive services until parents have provided vital information and must volunteer in the Nursery a minimum of once a month. A Nursery Manual is available.
Spiritual Gifts: Serving, Helps

Transportation (Exaltation & Empowerment)

The Transportation Ministry’s sole responsibility is to ensure that individuals who need a way to church arrive on time to services and are returned to their point of origin when services conclude. The members of this committee must have a valid driver’s license and go through an orientation to the church vehicle (s) and procedures for fueling and checking the vitals.


The Usher Ministry, which includes adults, youth and children, are responsible for ensuring that members are welcomed into the sanctuary and are led to a pew. They are also responsible for making sure that everyone respects the sanctity of the worship service by not walking or entering the sanctuary during inappropriate times. They may assist with offering collection, providing fans, helping parents with children, picking up the sanctuary after services).

 Combined Choir
Program Committee
Food Committee